SEO promotion for organic traffic

With regards to SEO and google adwords there is much to be gained by seeking information online. But it’s difficult for the beginners to understand the ins and outs of it without actually going through a few mistakes themselves. If you have an interest in digital marketing, on the other hand, you should ensure that you must go from one step to the next and you must do everything correctly.

There’s lots to be learned but if you don’t build a solid foundation, you won’t get far. Read on to find some SEO tips that are perfect for those who are just beginning.

Any SEO(sokemotoroptimalisering) tips you can get should be considered of value to your online business since it increases your ability to attract search engine traffic. The top priority of any business or organization online is your website traffic since without this you fail to even exist on the internet. This is what search engine optimizing is all about, traffic! This type of traffic is amongst the most targeted you can get and it is FREE therefore ever effort should be made to attract as much of it as you can.

The simple solution to this problem is to implement the following basic SEO tips and spend the rest of your time building links and content. These tips may be fairly common to the more experienced Webmaster but if you are not using them, you are losing traffic.

1. Implement unique META titles and descriptions for all of your pages. Many Webmasters begin their first web site without META description and title tags at all. Once they learn that, SEO wise, it is very important to do so, they add them but they are not unique. Each title and description should be unique to each individual page.

2. Add an HTML sitemap to your site. This is a single page that includes links to the main pages of your websites. If your site is small you may want to include every page while larger sites should just have links to the most important pages. Sitemaps are an import part of SEO optimization because they give the search engines a ‘hub’ where their spiders can find all of your pages through one single page.

3. Target ‘long tail’ keywords in your sub pages. Long tail keywords are those that are not as highly competitive as your main keyword. Target a fairly competitive keyword for your index page and less competitive keywords for all sub pages. Many Webmasters have a bad habit of targeting the same few keywords throughout their entire site; because of this they are losing valuable traffic to inner pages.

4. Use underline, bold, strong and italics tags on each pages keywords. This SEO tip is one that has proven to be very valuable. Search Engines give more weight to words that are using these tags. Do not over do it, implementing these tags at least two or three times would cut it.

5. Use H1 and H2 tags with your main and secondary keywords. Most SE’s give a lot of weight to words that are wrapped in these tags. Each page on your web site should have one or two targeted keywords at the beginning of the page. Just add keyword to the main keyword and the same for your secondary keyword replacing h1 with h2 and deleting the spaces.

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